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About Us

Our Mission...
   The Mevaser was created to fill the void of a local Jewish newspaper in the Monsey area. Taken by storm, the Monsey community simply cannot get enough of the newspaper that the entire frum kehilla can connect to. From Torah literature featuring our distinct Rabbonim, to vast local news reports, we are committed to bringing up-to-date news and information, while retaining our mantra "It's got everything you need and nothing you don't." 

Our Reach...   
In this ever-growing world, access to premium content is more important than ever. That is why we have expanded our distribution way beyond the Monsey community. In fact, each issue of 'The Mevaser' is dis
tributed and mailed to over 18,000 families across the tri-state area, New Jersey, Maryland, and Florida.

   Locations within our distribution include: Chestnut Ridge, Clifton, Far Rockaway, Five Towns, Forshay, Haverstraw, Jackson, Kew Gardens, Kew Gardens Hills, Lakewood, Monsey, New City, New Hempstead, Passaic, Pomona, Spring Valley, Teaneck, Toms River, Waterbury, and Wesley Hills.

   In addition, the paper can be found right here on the web, making 'The Mevaser' the premier community newspaper and a great place to network. And with the greater Jewish community at your fingertips, it is no wonder that everyone is trying to cash in on "the special offers" our unique paper has to offer.

Our Staff...     
Trying to navigate through the "obstacle course" of advertising can be quite challenging for many people. Whether it is designing an ad, placing an ad, the economics of an ad or any other related issue, many small businesses feel deluged with decisions when it comes to advertising.

   Well, not with 'The Mevaser's' dedicated staff. Ask our graphic designers to design your ad, and our marketing team will maximize its potential by placing it in the most strategically fitting place in the paper. We strive to meet the satisfaction of our customers; marketing your ad is our priority!

Our Impact...    
Our tasteful articles and relevant news reports are just one factor that pulls our readership to The Mevaser. The beautiful presentation and our many ads ensure that the community is getting the best coverage it ever had. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the best "bang for your buck", and we've got countless happy advertisers to prove it! Come, seize the opportunity to make sure you've got a great place with us, too!

So... What are you waiting for??

come check us out and see for yourself what we're all about:

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Hear what others are saying about The Mevaser...


As residents of Monsey for almost 5 decades, our family (and our married kids) look forward to reading the interesting series 'Monsey Personalities'.
​Many of the newer Chashuvei Monsey would do well to share the information in these articles with their families- to realize that Monsey was started and developed by people who were visionaries - people who toiled to create the Torah mosdos and chessed organizations of this Torah community that is the pride of the Jewish world. Thank you for your wonderful publication and for Torah Tavlin.


—  Name, Title

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