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Rockland County Creates a Reference Guide of Resources for the Covid-19 Pandemic

"The need for social distancing means we are operating in completely different ways," Legislator Wolfe said. "What do you do if your driver's license is expiring, but the Motor Vehicles Office is closed? How do you get health insurance if your employer is ending coverage? Who do you call if you're having a really bad day? The reference guide can assist people who need answers."

The guide is available on the Legislature's website. It contains information regarding Food Assistance; Mental Health Help; Unemployment Information; Health Insurance Coverage; Testing; Help for Small Businesses, including the Nonprofit Community; Concerns About Non-Compliance and Reporting Violations; the Health Commissioner's Orders Regarding Isolation, Quarantine & How Essential Employees Can Return To Work; Domestic Violence Help, and more.

Updates and suggestions for the guide are welcome. Access the guide, which will be updated as needed, here:

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